National Muslim Orgs Meet in NY to Slander Moderate NY Muslims


It is simply stunning how virulent the present stain of irrational xenophobia that we call Islamophobia has become; today I learned that even the Muslim community has been infected! 

I came to the realization of the terrible contagious nature of this disease of the morals in an article in the Huffington Post titled: 

This is the fist sign of the slowly waffling “journalist”; there is nothing to tell that this is just about the first mention of any Muslim “indifference” to the project in NYC. 

A summit of U.S. Muslim organizations is scheduled to begin Sunday in New York City to address both the project and a rise in anti-Muslim sentiments and rhetoric that has accompanied the nationwide debate over the project. 

This is a perfect chance for the American public to find out who the real moderate Muslims in the U.S. are; just take careful note of the “brothers” that the various lackeys of the organizations tied to the Muslim Brotherhood attack in their statements. This whole “summit’ is about nothing more or less than  the Stealth Jihad’s “leaders of Moderate Muslims” coming together to drown out the voice of REAL moderates in the Muslim American community who do not want to sign on to the grand Jihad here in the US. 

It has yet to be seen whether the groups will emerge with a firm stand on the proposed community center, dubbed Park51. The primary purpose of the meeting is to talk about ways to combat religious bigotry. 

Of course it does, and of course it is; I have a bridge in NY I would like to sell, are you interested?  I have no doubt that they are already working on the final statement; it will decry the cowardly Muslims who have let bigoted Islamophobia intimidated them into not supporting the noble project; venom will also be spewed toward the Islamophobes who have intimidated them into betraying the Ummah and American Values tm. 

It is NOT “dubbed Park51” it IS a piece of Ground Zero, damaged directly by a 9/11 plane and declared to have been selected because of that connection by Daisy Khan herself! 

But Shaik Ubaid of the Islamic Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York, one of the groups organizing the gathering, said he has a growing sense that some American Muslims who initially had trepidation are now throwing their support behind the plan. 

I tried to find out about the background of the ILCMNY but, other than shilling for CAIR, I can’t find much; so I turned to Shaik Ubaid – PAYDIRT! 

Here is a nice little piece the good Shaik wrote back on 2002 that demonstrates his far-from-moderate attitudes and aggressions; anti-semitism is only part of it. 

Today I Was a Palestinian

By Shaik Ubaid 

Today I was a Palestinian. One of more than 100,000 that marched down the Pennsylvania Avenue, from the White House to the Capitol. I even, briefly, marched under the shade of a huge canopy made out of the Palestinian flag. When I reached out and tentatively touched this symbol of human dignity of an oppressed people, I felt a reverence that is hard to explain. Many a night I had found myself crying silently in the night thinking of the innocent Palestinian children buried alive under the rubble in Jenin and of babies, crying with hunger and fear, cowering behind their mothers in other Palestinian towns. I was crying as much because of empathy as with guilt, after all it were my tax dollars that supported the tanks, apache helicopters and bulldozers that were raining death and destruction on the Palestinians. Today I shed a few more tears, but they were shed openly, in daylight and were tears of relief and gratitude. Watching tens of thousands of fellow Americans and fellow humans marching in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians had revived my faith in the American people. These hundred thousand “honorary Palestinians” including “Jews for Palestine”, were marching with determination, holding their banners high. 

Today was the day not just to demand freedom for Palestinians; it was also to celebrate freedom. After living under fear for eight months,(ie, since 9/11) the Muslim-American community finally felt bold enough to march in such great numbers. Their sense of outrage and grief over the terrible massacres in Palestine and India had forced them to overcome their fear

Too bad they cannot feel such outrage at the massacres (in numbers of dead, not just in name) perpetrated by Muslims in India etc. etc. ad nauseum. 

Yeah, too bad“! I said to the ugly triumvirate of neo-conservatives, evangelical fundamentalists and militant Zionists that rules my country’s foreign policy today. Too bad that, your desperate and last ditch effort to make America turn against its Muslim citizens and to cow the Muslims into a cowardly silence on Palestine had finally failed. 

I am not sure, and I could be wrong, but that last line seemed to me to imply that 9/11 was a government plot to intimidate Muslims and make Americans hate then so Israel could be free to do their will in Israel; mmm, could be! 

… Many years ago, at a hastily arranged rally in Chicago, to gain the media attention, I had suggested that we paint Hitler’s toothbrush mustache under the nose of Milosevic. Today there were tens of banners that had painted the war criminal Sharon in similar telling fashion. Then there was a “new” Israeli flag, with a blue Nazi swastika in place of the Star of David in the center and many that were equating Israel with apartheid and Zionism with racism


Shaik Ubaid is a physician and a former media adviser to various national Muslim organizations. He was one of the rally organizers for the Muslim community in New York area. He can be reached at: 

I plan to write the good Dottore and ask him to comment on some interesting points; why don’t you do the same, Virginia? Politely and with civility but, surely do write! 

Once it became a rallying cry for extremists, we had no choice but to stand with Feisal (Abdul) Rauf,” he said, referring to the New York City imam who has been leading the drive for the center. 

But, which extremists? Did you join because “Islamophobic extremists made it a cause, or because CAIR and other Islamic Brotherhood linked groups issued a rallying cry to jump on the bandwagon? 

Groups scheduled to participate in the summit include the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Muslim Alliance of North America and the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Which nicely produces the illusion of a number of organizations meeting and hashing out their differences in the name of unity; instead what we have is an interlocked web of groups that all are run by the same small clique of Muslim Brotherhood protégés; and any real moderate had better run for cover. 

The private meetings were to take place at a hotel near Kennedy Airport, and the group was planning to hold a news conference Monday at the site of the proposed Islamic center. 

Sarcasm Alert: 

“We would not want any irrelevant folk to drop in and give their two cents worth, riff-raff like, local Muslims; we simply must keep the national Muslim narrative where it best serves the local Muslim community – out of the hands of the local Muslim community!” 

Gauging support for the center among U.S. Muslims is difficult. As a group, they are diverse, ranging from blacks who found the faith during the civil rights movement to recent immigrants hailing from opposite ends of the globe. They rarely speak with one voice. 

I would say that the problem is more that the Muslim national “leaders” do not care what the rank and file Muslims have to say; the Ummah is for leading, not listening to, and too many of the Ummah seem to agree!!! 


Rauf has called for the 13-story Islamic center to be open to people of all faiths, while his co-leader of the project, Manhattan real estate developer Sharif El-Gamal, has stressed its non-religious aspects, which include a health club and culinary school. 

Do these statement seem as weasel worded to you as they do to me Virginia? Open to all faiths is far from being open to expressions of other faiths; anyone can walk in and convert I suppose. Any religious center has sport facilities and kitchens etc etc… 

“The summit comes as some supporters of the center have encouraged its organizers to include prayer space for Jews, Christians and other religious groups as a way of countering critics who say it will be a monument to Islamic supremacy.” 

This is where is starts to get amusing; the “useful idiots” are starting to look to Rauf et al to actually ACT like the moderates they claimed to be; relax, get some popcorn, it should be a LONG wait. 

Julie Menin, the chairwoman of the Manhattan community board that endorsed the project months ago, said she will meet with Rauf to discuss the interfaith possibility in the coming weeks. 

They had always talked about giving the center an interfaith concept,” she said, “like having classes in Buddhism.” 

I would give anything to be a fly in her car when she leaves that meeting! “Ms. Menin, Such Language, and about a “Man of God ™”! 

“It’s one thing to have panel discussions, but if you really want to bring these factions togetherhave a nondenominational interfaith space, like the chapel at the Pentagon, where local rabbis and priests could hold services on different days of the week.” 

Oh, isn’t she so sweet! Such a dear! I pity her for the sudden lesson on human nature she is about to absorb! 


There was much less outreach to Muslims, Ubaid said. 

Rauf, he said, may have been a regular talking head for the national news media on Muslim world affairs, but among New York City imams he was something of an outsider, Ubaid said. 

He was not that involved with the local Muslim community,” Ubaid said. He said that included a general failure to round up support for the center before going public with his plans. “Had he consulted us, we probably would have told him, gently, no.” 

Even after the proposal became public, there was a hesitation by some Muslim groups to quickly endorse the idea, in part because of questions about its feasibility. 


Feasibility, or financing? Maybe the locals were reluctant to let Hamas or the Saudis buy Manhattan $24 and a Mosque.

Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf Named in “Slum Lord” Lawsuit


Well now, I have been waiting for the first drop of the coming rainstorm that will wash away the Ground Zero Mosque in a tidal wave of completely legitimate and constitutional legal challenges; here is a nice bit of news from CNN (emphasis added):

From Laura Batchelor, CNN

In 14 years, Union City officials “responded to no less than 30” health and safety complaints, the lawsuit claims.

New York (CNN) — The imam whose proposed Islamic center near ground zero has stirred a passionate controversy is now the defendant in a lawsuit, according the paperwork filed Tuesday at Hudson County Superior Court.

The lawsuit alleges Feisal Abdul Rauf’s company, Sage Development, which owns two buildings in Union City, New Jersey, failed to properly maintain the buildings and apartments. One building contains 32 residential units and the second contains 16 units, according to the lawsuit.

“From 1996 to 2010, the city responded to no less than 30 complaints from tenants predicated upon various health and safety concerns, including lack of heat, mold inside apartments, garbage issues, bed bugs, foul odors, dirty hallways and the lack of utilities/heat,” the filing says.

The larger of the two buildings has been vacant since a fire damaged the property on February 8, 2008. According to the lawsuit, Union City Fire Officials issued 12 fire code violations over the year prior to the fire. In the second apartment building, more than two units were found to be infested with bed bugs after complaints of improperly stored garbage.

I only have one thing to add:

Park51 is Not Near Ground Zero; It IS Ground Zero!

Describe for me, if you will, in what ways this property, damaged by the 9/11 planes & made available as a sign from Allah, according to the Mosque promoters, is NOT Ground Zero?

Temecula California Supremacist Mosque Update and Video


I went, I saw, I videoed it; here it is for you to see for yourself.