Occupy Oakland”Oh, the horror, The Horror!” Photoshopping Their Pain to Us

Well Virginia, the low can always go lower it seems, and there is no shame in partisanship; Occupy Wall Street  or OWS supporters are editing images to generate sympathy.

Most of us have seen this image:

Occupy Oakland issues distorted photo to create sympathy Heretics Crusade begs to differ

Looks pretty nasty doesn't it?

Now that looks like a pretty nasty place to be, deep inside a cloud of toxic orange teargas/smoke, wouldn’t you agree? But, what would happens if we applied a simple, totally standard and automatic color correction to the photo.  As many of you know, color corrections generally cannot produce real-life colors if the image was shot in colored lighting. On the other hand, if the lighting was just dim thee is a tendency in a digital image to get a shift toward the sepia or orange… Hmm, I am getting curious myself; let’s see what happens:

Real Color original image shot by occupy oakland says Guy DeWhitney at Heretics Crusade

Wow, now they are in front of a cloud. Go figure!

Ok, this is getting a bit embarrassing for the Occupy Oakland crowd; I mean really, using Granny to gain sympathy this way, what was this lady even doing there if not attempting to play martyr? And even so they have to use a distorted image to generate sympathy.

This is the beginning of the end for the movement I a afraid.  The desperate shrillness that is creeping to the national “voice” of the movement is doing them more harm than good. There comes a time when you fold your tents and wait for another day to manufacture a different, more structured and focused spontaneous demonstration; they might try including an endgame in the plan, counting on the focus of the useful idiots of the Flea Party is a fools game at best.